why small groups

It is the experience of Paulatim that those who commit themselves to incorporating the practices represented by the three pillars almost always find that it is very hard to do. Although the individual practices are not particularly difficult, mostly requiring a distraction free mind, it is the consistent doing of them every day that is difficult - our natures are such that we will find every excuse in our busy lives to not do them.

Paulatim has married practice of the three pillars with the benefits of small groups. We have found small groups of men or women to be a great aid to developing these practices into virtuous habits. Members of the small groups hold each other accountable, learn together, talk about obstacles they encounter, and what they have done to overcome them.



Paulatim small groups are composed of three to five individuals, of the same sex, that are intent upon incorporating spiritual reading, mental prayer, and rooting out of defects into their daily lives. Although these practices are, by definition, personal activities, there are ways that the small group members can pursue them together.

Paulatim small group members make a commitment to daily spiritual reading, daily mental prayer, and continually rooting out their predominant defect. To this end members will be open with each other about their successes and failures in these areas, what obstacles they are struggling with, how they overcame obstacles, and what they can do to advance further.